Designing a Product in my Walk-in Closet

I once designed a computer monitoring product in the closet of my bedroom. The closet was like the one pictured above but substituted with my beautiful wife instead of this pretty lady. The product was called Callback/3000, kind of like that satirical tv show, “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” MST3K premiered on November 24, 1988. My product premiered in the early 1980s!

The “3000” in my product’s name stood for HP-3000, the minicomputer manufactured and marketed during those years. I needed to come out with version 2 of my product. It was going to be a quantum leap forward. btw – Quantum Leap, the TV show premiered on March 25, 1989. Are you seeing a trend? The 1980s were a veritable cornucopia of new technologies and corny TV shows?

Designing a Product in my Walk-in Closet

Image by 3220633 from Pixabay 


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