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I’ve lived technology my whole life. Modern electronics and computers were both still in their infancy when I began my journey. That was fifty years ago. So, I am sharing some stories from this journey from 4-bit to 64-bit microprocessors. From hybrid transistor/vacuum tube devices to multicore IoT devices. It’s been a fun, weird journey and I’m not done. I hope you enjoy my stories.

What you do may not be fun, but you can still have fun while doing your work.

Gary W Moore


Designing a Product in my Walk-in Closet

I once designed a computer monitoring product in the closet of my bedroom. The closet was like the one pictured above but substituted with my beautiful wife instead of this pretty lady. The product was called Callback/3000, kind of like that satirical tv show, “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” MST3K premiered on November 24, 1988. My…

Trouble Won the Business

You never know what will tip the scale in your favor. Today’s talk is about a presentation I did that won the business because of technical problems. Transcript Hello and welcome to my podcast. Today my talk is about when trouble won the business! When I was the Product Manager for a software company, we…

A Radical Approach to Control Chill-Rolls

 My talk today is about the time I spent a day on top of a full-web press. When I owned an R&D and manufacturing company, I was asked to build a tension control for chill-rolls on Harris web presses. My solution was radical. Transcripts # Chill Roll Control Thank you for selecting my podcast today. My…

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Gary Moore

My technology journey began in 1965 and continues today. I’ve had the privilege of writing two operating systems, creating one of the first computer and environmental monitors, and working in countries that span the world. I’m still having fun.

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